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Low Orbit Ion Cannon

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[edit] Get it!

  1. Get LOIC from one of the links below (Doesn't matter which)
    2. (v1.0.0.0 mirror)
  2. Unzip it
  3. Run it
  4. Enter a URL or IP
  6.  ????
  7. Profit!

[edit] Crucial information!

  • Yes, it's only for Windows.
  • You'll need .NET Framework, good chance you have that already, it's needed for a lot of shit.

If you don't have it, get it here: 32bit version or 64bit version

  • "I think TCP is the best method, then HTTP comes second" - Praetox on IRC
  • "600.000 requests is around 20 MB"

[edit] Full Disclosure

All your sauce are belong to everyone. Password: mudkipz

[edit] Strategies

  • "If you want to get an idea of how slow a website is, fire at it with HTTP mode. If some connect, then it's still not bad - noone's gonna get anything out of the website" - Praetox on IRC

[edit] Credits

Awesomeness provided by Praetox on IRC.

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